Review copies and prototypes.

Hey all, we know it’s been quiet around the BSC camp lately what with the holidays and all, however, we’re back at it and our current “To do:” list is…

Getting prototypes made and sent to reviewers/play testers so we can try to create more buzz for Undertome and gauge just how well the game will be received.
Script and film the playthrough video
-Script and film the Kickstarter Campaign video

It’s an expensive process however ($56.32) per game for each copy we want to send to a reviewer.  That being said if you’d like to help us out at all please visit our Donations page.  All proceeds will go to getting as many copies out to as many different reviewers as possible and your thanks will always be appreciated.  You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for a more intimate experience with the creators of Undertome!


Just a little Urpdate.

Hey all, just sending out a little update. We’ve had some setbacks with the Prototypes so instead of going through the big printer we want to use for the bulk order we’re ordering more prototypes from The Game Crafter. We’ve been very happy with the single print versions of the game we’ve received so far from them and can’t wait to get these. Continue reading

Prototypes and Copyrights

Welp, after a very enjoyable Thanksgiving here in the States we’re back at it getting the Undertome 3.0 Prototype printed and shipped.  This version is going to be what we hope to offer to the market with new dice and rulebook included.  Once we get those up and running we’ll be contacting potential game reviewers so we’re crossing our fingers this game shows up right (prototyping is expensive)! Continue reading

Just a little update…

So it’s been a few days since we updated but not much has changed recently, just a lot of background noise.  We were able to pick up some help from some talented guys so you’ll most likely be seeing them post on the blog and the rest of the social media sites.  We’re still (always) taking donations if you would like to help us out with some of our overhead costs. Continue reading


Thanks to the suggestion of a very pretty young lady we’ve added the picture version of the Rulebook in the Undertome drop down menu above.  I guess it makes sense if you lot at least have an idea of how to play the game before devoting anymore time to it.  Thanks for playing!


Prelaunch Donation option

As many of you may (or may not) know; game development is a costly process.  It is because of this that we’re so excited to be launching our Kickstarter campaign for Undertome!  However, there are other expenses that require funding prior to launch that we can always use help with.


      • Game art
      • Prototype orders
      • pre-launch marketing
      • Website registration
      • Game Reviewer fees
      • Postage to send a game to a review after paying their fee
      • Website ads

And the list goes on and on, so we’re making pre-launch donations available through



We generously thank you for any donation, big and small to help us bring you the best game we can manage!

-The Founders

The Internet

It’s about that time we start to make our internet presence known.  We’ve just joined up with Twitter (@Undertome) and have been on Facebook for a while now (Undertome).  Right now Jason and I are booking meetings with financial planners and graphic designers to discuss and decide on a few of the billion ways to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Continue reading