10985468_10153092722935499_4147437421707713514_nA group of friends, thirsty for adventure.

An abandoned home filled with strange antiquity.

One dark night, one shattered window later and you’re in.

From it’s pedestal of stone bound in burnt flesh and written in ancient blood, it calls to you.  Whispers fill your mind, turning your friends into enemies, filling you with a terrible ambition.  Now the struggle begins, and you find yourself faced with only one question: what price are you willing to pay for Ultimate Power?

Experience the Horror.
Face your Fear.
Master the Tome.

Undertome is a horror themed turn based card game comprised of 100 unique cards which players draw from a single deck (The Tome). Each card has a different effect which players must carefully choose to play during their turn because once a spell has been cast, the page is burned in the ashes never to be used again (or is it?). Players have a limited amount of Courage which they must guard as once you lose it, you are filled with overwhelming dread taking you out of the game.

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