How to video is live!


How to sneak peak!

Just to prove we’re not lying about the video here’s a little sneak peak at the first draft!  Now all we gotta do is add the “Make Jason Pretty” filters (which will help DJ too…and more), some snazzy music and then it’ll be off to YouTube!  And here of course..


sneak peak

It’s getting closer…

Hey all, sorry for such a long lull in activity, we’ve been pretty busy around here.  We’re still trying to get games out to reviewers and filming the “How to Play” video.  We’re also in the middle of becoming BloodScribe Creations LLC and let me tell you…  It is stupid expensive to become even a small five man operation like us.  But we’re passionate and focused so it will happen!  Just like our Kickstarer will happen this Summer!  Please stay faithful and follow us on all social media Facbook Twitter and we’ll be linking the Youtube channel as soon as the “How To” video is finished!