Just a little Urpdate.

Hey all, just sending out a little update. We’ve had some setbacks with the Prototypes so instead of going through the big printer we want to use for the bulk order we’re ordering more prototypes from The Game Crafter. We’ve been very happy with the single print versions of the game we’ve received so far from them and can’t wait to get these. The version of the game we’re ordering now will have:

Full Tome (100 unique cards)
1 – 6-sided die
5 – 10-sided die
15 – Fear tokens
Complete 8 page Rule Book

We’re also planning on recording and releasing a play through video for those who don’t like reading the rules (cheaters)!  As always, if you’re interested in getting this game developed quicker head over to our Donations page.  Anything you can share is greatly appreciated 🙂


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