Review copies and prototypes.

Hey all, we know it’s been quiet around the BSC camp lately what with the holidays and all, however, we’re back at it and our current “To do:” list is…

Getting prototypes made and sent to reviewers/play testers so we can try to create more buzz for Undertome and gauge just how well the game will be received.
Script and film the playthrough video
-Script and film the Kickstarter Campaign video

It’s an expensive process however ($56.32) per game for each copy we want to send to a reviewer.  That being said if you’d like to help us out at all please visit our Donations page.  All proceeds will go to getting as many copies out to as many different reviewers as possible and your thanks will always be appreciated.  You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for a more intimate experience with the creators of Undertome!


Just a little Urpdate.

Hey all, just sending out a little update. We’ve had some setbacks with the Prototypes so instead of going through the big printer we want to use for the bulk order we’re ordering more prototypes from The Game Crafter. We’ve been very happy with the single print versions of the game we’ve received so far from them and can’t wait to get these. Continue reading